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Ham, Ham Parma

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Dry-Cured Ham sliced Levoni ca. 200 gr.

Dry-Cured Ham finely sliced. Flavour: Mild, Area: Emilia Romagna

Reviews: 4.7 from 5 stars

Lardo di Castellucchio with herbs Levoni ca. 200 gr.

The raw material used, i.e. back fat, comes heavy pigs bred in Italy. The carefully selected lard varies in thickness 6 to 8 cm. The product is salted in brine. High quality spices and aromatic herbs are spread on its surface. Taste is savoury and slightly aromatic; aroma is inviting. Flavour: Aromatic

Reviews: 4.9 from 5 stars

Seasoned cheek ham app. 1,5 kg. - Paolazzi Butchery

the meat of the swine cheek is salted, peppered, lightly cold-smoked and put to mature into special premises. Perfect if cut thin, to cubes, as ingredient characterised for varied preparations of juices and condiments (carbonara, strained eggs, beans...)

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Reviews: 4.2 from 5 stars

Dry-Cured Ham sliced 150 gr. - Levi

Sliced Prosciutto Crudo packaged in protective atmosphere

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Coppa stagionata matured ca. 1,7 kg. - Bazza

The Coppa Bazza is produced with pork muscle, spiced and salted. This is then stuffed into natural casings. This product which reflects the natural evolution of a good cut of meat.

Bacon Speck Pancetta furled ca. 1,25 kg. - Bazza

Using only the heart of bacon, the pancetta is first rinded, then worked by hand, aromatized with salt, spices and natural flavours...

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Prosciutto Crudo PDO Parma deboned approx. 6,5 kg. - Levoni

Characteristics: Slice-ready, bone-out and with twine tied by hand. Flavour: Mild, Area: Emilia Romagna

Prosciutto Crudo deboned 17/18 months app. 8 kg. - Levi

Prosciutto Crudo deboned matured 17/18 months app. 8 kg. - Levi

Lonza stagionata approx. 1,20 kg. - Bazza

Lonza stagionata ca. 1,20 kg. - Bazza

Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele DOP without bone approx. 7,5 kg - Arbea

The art of the ham production was always the great passion of Natalino Dall' Avas. The best products are always based on ancient traditions: Dall'Ava, ham producer since 1955.

Beef Carpaccio Fumé approx. 1.2 kg. - Viva Maria

This carpaccio is lightly smoked and salted. It is Vaccum packed and weighs approx. 0.8 kg. Finely sliced, garnished with ruccola and parmesan cheese, it is a delicacy.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Prosciutto Crudo deboned classic 14 months app. 8 kg. - Levi

Prosciutto Crudo deboned matured 14 months app. 8 kg. - Levi

Beef Black Angus cooked English style approx. 1.4 kg. - Viva Maria

Black Angus beef cooked English style, ready to serve. Cold cut ideal for buffets and catering.

Carne salada Trentina approx. 2.5 kg. - Simonini

The so-called "salted meat" is marinated (with salt, pepper, juniper and bay berries) according to a typical Trentino recipe. The "carne salada" can be served as carpaccio, as tartare or grilled with salad or marinated legumes. Of course, it is an ideal antipasto or a great product for any rich buffet.

Speck Bacon Nostrano whole flitch app. 7 kg. - Paolazzi Butchery

Made with the same pork thigh the production of the raw ham Prosciutto Crudo it is characterised for a substantial texture and a light smoking. It's important seasoning makes it softly to the palate. Delicate in the perfume and balanced in the taste it leaves in mouth a genuine and moderate aromatic note.

Prosciutto Crudo on the bone 24 months app. 10 kg. - Levi

Prosciutto Crudo on the bone matured 24 months app. 10 kg. - Levi

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Die echten Südtiroler Spezialitäten, Südtiroler Speck, Käse, Weine & italienische Feinkost bequem von zu Hause aus bestellen!

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Roe Deer salami air-dried appr. 250 gr. - Kofler Speck
Das Produkt ist rechtzeitig angekommen und schmeckte sehr gu ..
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